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Partner with Us and Go Global! 
There are numerous benefits for partnering with Dual Global Mobile and/or any of its parent organization’s divisions’ products and services. It will be a mutual benefit should you and/or your organization synergize with Dual Global Mobile.

Partnership programs include but not limited to the followings: 

* Corporate Partnership program – For Multinational and Transnational companies who may want a reduced cost package for their staff international Telecommunications Solutions when traveling overseas using the Dual Global Mobile Smart SIM, DualDID (Local Telephone Numbers), Dual800 (Toll Free Numbers), DualPBX (Branch Exchange System) and other DGM Mobile Solutions and Products including Smart Phones at discounted prices & Cell Phone Accessories.

* Application Software Partnership program – For individuals and companies who have intellectual propriety rights to invented software applications for today’s Global Mobile Telecommunications Industry or any other industry and want to have such App Software embedded in our platform for the benefits and application for Dual Global Mobile subscribers and our site visitors globally. You and/or your firm will immensely benefit for such synergy projects as your AppSoftware would be used by our numerous users and site visitors globally, thereby exposing your product/s and/or service/s to the whole world which would definitely increase your ROI whether financial or Intellectual [including technological ideas] investments.

* Advertisement Projects: It is true and well said:
“He whose idea/s seems fantastic in his own mind and all alone has allowed those ideas to engulf the universal view of his own mind is still in the dark if such ideas are not out to the world and not put to action or use for the general benefit of humanity”. 
You advertising your personal or company’s product/s and service/s on Dual Global Mobile website and also on other websites operated by our parent organization’s divisions would definitely expose your products and services to the whole world. We are global, our users are global and not bound by geographical restrictions, so your products and services will go global. The results will be tremendous!

* Other Partnership Projects: There are other partnership projects you may have and we would be very happy to look into it for possible partnership. 

If you are interested to partner with Dual Global Mobile, kindly Contact Us for partnership projects 


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