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Value Optimized Services & Products  (VOICES)
Dual Global Mobile through Triple Global Mobile provides Value Optimized Services & Products (VOICES) comprising of various benefits, products’ bonuses, and lots of free gifts to its numerous subscribers of the World Free Roaming Smart SIM. We reward our subscribers/customers in unique ways that surpass conventional rewards programs offered by other similar mobile telecommunications solutions providers. 
Please, read below our new exciting features, services and products of the World Free Roaming Smart SIM and our Rewards & Incentives’ Programs:Our Rewards & Incentives Program is exclusively handled by Triple Global Mobile (a Value Optimized Services & Products [VOICES] division website of our US operations in partnership with other firms in Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Central America in providing rewards and incentives for our World Free Roaming Smart SIM subscribers, site visitors and our fans and followers worldwide. 
* Rebranded logo and rebranded website.* A Smart SIM technology [the first of its kind in the global mobile telephony roaming market] embedded with the Dual Global Mobile SIM, now – World Free Roaming Smart SIM!
* The Smart SIM is Free, you do not pay for it, excepting the initial airtime credit of $20, one time SIM account set up fee of $18, applicable Sales Tax and Shipping and Handling fee depending on your state and country’s shipping destination address.
* Reorganized work force.
* New exciting global mobile telephony roaming services and products as listed below:
i) A World Free Roaming Smart SIM now with permanent US Tel No. as well as the permanent UK Tel No.
ii) Coverage countries now 220+ worldwide
iii) Free Incoming Call countries now 120+ worldwide.
vi) Lowest outgoing call rates and presently, Dual Global Mobile outgoing call rates are the cheapest in global mobile telephony roaming than most global and local roaming SIMs.
v) No monthly, No quarterly, No yearly neither any annual renewal fee for the SIM whether for the US or UK Tel Nos. No other global mobile roaming SIM company provides this service! We have abolished the 60-day US/Canada soil use rule of the US Tel No of the SIM.
vi) Other optional Tel Nos. available from 50+ countries in 4000+ states/cities/areas Tel codes.
vi) Free Bonus products for every of our World Free Roaming Smart SIM user, such as:
* Bonus product - Preserva Phone (Valued at $20) – valid still stocks last.
* Bonus product - DualSIM Card Holder (Valued at $12.95) – valid still stocks last.
* Bonus product - DualSIM Adapter (Valued at $9.95) – valid still stocks last.
xiii) Global SIM Rewards & Incentives Program explained below:

* Global SIM Rewards & Incentives Program: 

i) Global MobileRewards Money Program - Get paid in Hundreds and/or Thousands of US dollars for using Dual Global Mobile (DGM) Smart SIM to receive free incoming calls in 80+ countries! Mobile Rewards Money are automatically deposited into your global eWallet account which you can easily withdraw the funds at ATMs worldwide through the Prepaid Credit Card to be issued free of charge to you or you could spend the funds through POS or online payment for goods or services or you could as well withdraw the funds through wire or electronic funds transfer from your global eWallet account to your local bank account domiciled in your country of residence or anywhere worldwide.

* Global Monthly Incentives Contest Program: 

Global BIG GIVE AWAY INCENTIVES MONTHLY CONTEST PROGRAM for our World Free Roaming Smart SIM subscribers/customers and also for Dual Global Mobile website and its associated firms’ websites visitors! The Contest is entered free of charge and the contesters are global and incentive packages are also global!

* Global Monthly Online Discount Store Program: 

Through Dual Global Mobile, an online monthly store comprising of smart phones, fantastic cell phones accessories and other electronic and travel products are offered at almost the wholesale price with free shipping to our World Free Roaming Smart SIM user destination country address.

To order your free Dual Global Mobile SIM - World Free Roaming Smart SIM and receive all these fantastic products and services, Click Here 


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